Times change, and now it is not enough just to have a web site. This projected that in 2015 people enter to the Internet mostly from their mobile devices that from their computers.

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We can develop an Android app, Iphone and Ipad for your local business. So it will be above your competition, get more customers and strengthen your brand.


Some features of our mobile applications:



Calls of a touch Share Fans Comments Shopping cart
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 Your customers can communicate with you from your app with a single touch. They no longer need to memorize phone. Allow your customers to spread the word about your business integration with social networks, SMS and email. Get feedback and comments from his followers with the fan page.  Sell their products from their mobile app thanks to our included shopping cart system.


GPS Address




PUSH Notifications


GPS Coupons

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Give to your clients the address of your business from anywhere in the world. Include all your business events in its mobile app. Keep your customers informed at any time. Send scheduled to the guests, or instant messages whenever you want with our unique system.  Create mobile coupons that allow customers unlock prizes when they go to your business. (Excellent for restaurants)..


Calculator Tips


RSS Integration


Points of Interest


QR Coupons

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 Include the tip Calculator in your mobile app so that their customers can calculate it easily and quickly.

If you have a blog that is perfect for you because his followers can read the articles of your blog directly from your mobile app.

Click here for a map where to put points of interest to our customers.  With QR coupons customers can exchange them when scanning certain codes that you give them.


Lista of E-mails




Extra Information


And much more!!

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Keep in touch with their customers with the ability to collect name and emails directly from their mobile app. Include the feature of having a debits in your mobile app so that customers take a count of their products and to send it by mail. Let your customers know all you want about your business E.g.: your products and/or services, the history of your company, etc.  Contact us and we will give you more details about our services of creating mobile applications.

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If after visiting our site you consider that your profile or your company would adjust to the possibility of representing us and market our products or services, we suggest you to become our business partner. This would allow to offer a large range of Web solutions to its customers and future customers.

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