The concept of digital printing or print on demand arises from the hand of computer technology combined at the same time with the laser printing; It is the ability to play once or several times on paper a digital document without rendering matrices; This allows significantly reduce fixed costs and production time.

While in the beginning the quality of these systems failed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, who then preferred to resort to traditional graphic arts; its use became commonplace in the business and administrative domains, where speed and information play a role more important than quality.

However this has now changed, the rapid development of computer technology has enabled digital printing to evolve in the same way, making it possible that differences with traditional printing systems disappear almost full.

Digital printing is an alternative that is increasingly accepted and necessary within the graphic arts, printing of variable data; the possibility of making short-run; print multi-page works interspersed and even in some cases already bound; the speed and the possibility of samples at the time; among other things, he has been given an increasingly large place and still is in constant growth.


Offset printing is a method of reproduction of documents and images on paper, or similar materials, which consists of applying a generally oily ink on a metal plate, usually composed of an aluminum alloy. The iron takes ink in areas where there is a hydrophobic compound, the rest of the iron gets wet with water so that it repels the ink; the image or the text is transferred under pressure to a blanket of rubber, to pass it, finally, to the role by pressure.

The press is called offset because design is transferred from the printing plate to the aforementioned rubber roller, before producing the printing on the paper.

It is precisely this feature that gives exceptional to this type of printing quality, since the coating of rubber printing roller is able to permeate, with ink that is, surfaces with roughness or uneven textures. Obviously, this is due to the elastic properties of rubber which do not have the metal rollers.


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